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Privacy Policy

When your doctor or specialist refers you to St Vincent’s Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine for a diagnostic medical imaging test, a medical record is created. This record includes information such as your name, address, contact details and information relating to the examination that has been requested.

This information is required to enable an accurate imaging diagnosis to be made and may be used in the following ways:

  • Test results will be made available to your referring doctor and may be shared with other health-care professionals who are involved in your treatment and care.
  • To manage your account and seek payment from you, your health insurance fund or any other organisation responsible for payment of any part of the account, such as Medicare and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. This may also extend to disclosure of your information to a debt collector or a credit-checking agency.
  • To evaluate patient satisfaction or clinical audit and quality assurance activities at St Vincent’s Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine.
  • Internal teaching purposes or to monitor, evaluate, plan and improve the services provided by St Vincent’s Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine.
  • De-identified information will be used for these purposes.
  • You may be contacted to join a research project related to your medical condition or the diagnostic imaging tests that were performed.  No researcher will be given any further information about you unless you sign a consent form approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee that approved the research.
  • To comply with a subpoena to produce your medical records or test results to a court or if required to report certain matters to government authorities.

St Vincent's Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine and its staff comply with the laws relating to privacy and confidentiality effective 12 March 2014. Please refer to

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