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CT (Computerised Tomography) - GE LightSpeed VCT XTe 128 slice including SnapShot Pulse & ASiR

Video of patient experience in CT

CT is a diagnostic test that uses x-rays combined with a computer algorithm to produce a 2D or 3D image. It is used to visualise detail within the bone and soft tissues of the body that may not be well visualised on general X-ray.

Many CT examinations require intravenous injections of contrast, and/or oral contrast, to highlight the arteries and veins and to opacify the bowel.

Radiation principles require that the radiation dose be optimised to be 'As Low as Reasonably Achievable" while maintaining acceptable image quality. The patient dose is also individually monitored, modulated and minimised and the dose of radiation you receive is stored on our image archiving system.

All our scanners have been fully optimised to provide the lowest possible doses without in any way degrading image quality. Our recent advanced CT upgrade has resulted in a dose reduction for all patients of 30-80%, with no loss of image quality.

Digital copies of your CT examination will be stored on our image archiving system (PACS) for comparison with any future examinations.

If your study requires iodine based intravenous contrast, it is important to state if you are, or think you could be, pregnant, are breastfeeding or are diabetic taking oral medication before you undergo the test.

CT Patient Information brochure

Cardiac CT Scan Patient Info

Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology is used to diagnose or treat pathology using the least invasive technique possible. It is always performed by a radiologist. Images are used to direct needles or narrow tubes called catheters to a specific location through a puncture in the skin. The CT images allow the interventional radiologist to guide these instruments through the body to the areas being examined or treated.

The most common interventional procedures performed are:

  • Drainage of all areas
  • Image guided Facet joint and Perineural injections
  • Joint and bursal steroid injections

A consent form must be signed prior to undergoing an interventional procedure.

Joint and Spinal Injections Patient Information brochure

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