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Gated Heart Pool Study (GHPS)

A Gated Heart Pool Study is used to assess ventricular function, wall motion and global ejection fraction of the heart.

What will happen when you have your Gated Heart Pool Scan

There are two main parts to your Gated Heart Pool Scan:

  1. When you arrive in the Nuclear Medicine Department your blood will be labeled with a radioactive tracer. This is done by either taking a small sample of your blood, adding the ‘tracer” and re-injecting the blood sample or you may be given 2 injections. The first is a pharmaceutical that helps bind the radiation of the second injection to your red blood cells.
  2. Once your blood has been labeled you will be asked to lie on the scanning bed and ECG dots will placed on your chest. Images will then be acquired of your heart for approximately 40 minutes.

What you need to do and how to prepare for the test

You will not be required to undress for the scan. The scan is performed with the Gamma Camera close to your body but you do not go through a “tunnel”

  • You will need a referral from your doctor
  • You will need an appointment for this test
  • You can eat and drink normally before the test
  • You can take your medications as normal
  • You will be in the department for approximately 1 hour and on the scanning bed for approximately 40 minutes
  • Please bring any previous relevant X-rays or scans to your appointment
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