St Vincent's Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine

Direct Digital X-Ray

What you need to do and how to prepare for the test

  • You will need a referral from your doctor
  • You do not require an appointment for a general X-ray
  • There is no preparation required
  • Advise our staff if you are pregnant prior to your examination
  • Bring any previous relevant imaging with you

What will happen when I have my X-ray taken

The exact procedure will depend on what is being X-rayed and why.

  • You may be asked to change into a gown
  • During the examination you may be asked to lie on a table, stand or sit depending on the area being examined
  • You will be asked to remain still and may be given special breathing instruction whilst your X-ray is taken

Your report and images

  • A report will either be sent back to your referring doctor or you may be asked to return to collect them once they have been reported by one of our radiologists

Digital copies of all studies are stored on our PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System) for comparison with any future examinations.

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