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Patient Preparation - MRI Prostate

You are required to purchase 2 x PicoPrep® from your chemist, at least 1 day prior to your booking. NOTE: PicoPrep® will cause bowel movement and may work as quickly as 30 minutes.

Please keep within easy reach of a toilet.

One day prior to the MRI

On the afternoon prior to your MRI (approximately 3.00pm), please drink 1 sachet of PicoPrep® mixed with a glass (250ml) of warm water, followed by one glass of water.

In the evening prior to your MRI, between 7pm-9pm, please drink another sachet of PicoPrep® mixed with a glass (250ml) of warm water, followed by a glass of water.

You must follow a Low Fibre Diet (avoid dairy, fruit & vegetables and high-fibre bread/cereal). Meals after breakfast on the day of the MRI scan, are to be clear fluids only. There is no need to follow the diet on the PicoPrep® dietary instructions.

On the Day of the MRI

2-3 hours before your appointment, please go to the bathroom and empty your bowel and bladder.

Once you arrive at St Vincent’s Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine, you will be registered and asked to complete some paperwork, then go to the bathroom to empty your bowel and bladder one last time. The reason this is requested, is because the prostate lies between the bowel and bladder. To obtain the best image quality, we would like you to be as free as possible from faeces, gas, and urine.

The MRI Technologists will explain the examination to you. The test will take just over 40 minutes.

You may be given an injection of Buscopan to help relax your bowel and improve the study quality prior to the examination. Please note:

  • Some people experience transient, mild, blurry vision with reading for about one-hour post-administration of Buscopan

Following the MRI you may resume your normal/routine activities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 8382 7530.

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