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Patient Information – Penile Doppler Ultrasound

Information regarding your Penile Duplex Ultrasound

For this procedure you will initially receive an injection into your penis. This injection is meant to give you an erection, increasing the diameter of the penile arteries and enabling better assessment of the arteries during the ultrasound examination. The scanning is done by placing an ultrasound probe on the penis after application of some gel.

Duplex Scanning is a diagnostic technique which uses ultrasound waves to visualise structures beneath the skins surface. It is a useful technique for diagnosis and assessment of erectile difficulties.

There are NO SPECIAL PREPARATIONS for the test. Please allow approximately one hour for the test. The doctor will discuss the results with you at the conclusion of the test.

What to expect AFTER your ultrasound

Refrain from any sexual activity for 24 hours, unless directed otherwise.

After injection for the ultrasound:

  • 1-2 hours The erection that you now have will slowly subside.
  • At 2 hours If you still have an erection at this time, take 2 Sudafed tablets
  • At 4 hours If the erection is still present, take another 2 Sudafed tablets
  • At 5 hours If a firm erection is still present at 5 hours, please contact: Dr Schaffer on 8382 7530 during business hours
  • After 5 hours If you are unable to contact Dr Schaffer, contact your local doctor or proceed to the Emergency Department of the nearest hospital.
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