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What is Medical Imaging?

Medical imaging includes all radiology examinations such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI, Ultrasound, some procedures such as biopsies & Nuclear Medicine.

Who will perform my medical imaging examinations?

Any medical imaging required whilst you are an inpatient of St Vincent's Private Hospital will be performed by St Vincent's Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine. We are a private practice offering a comprehensive, fully supervised and accredited (RANZCR/NATA) service.

Medical imaging is a specialist medical service. Your medical imaging will be performed by skilled technical staff known as radiographers and sonographers. A specialist medical doctor known as a Radiologist will make a diagnosis and report on your examination. The Radiologist will also review and discuss your imaging with your referring doctor as required. Your imaging will be available to your referring doctor and the ward whilst you are an inpatient.

If you are having a radiological procedure, such as a biopsy, a Radiologist will perform the examination with the assistance of specialised nursing or technical staff.

How, when and why do I have medical imaging performed?

Most of your medical imaging will be performed with your immediate knowledge and following explanation from our staff. There will be some circumstances where you are sedated, anaesthetised or unconscious, such as when you are in theatre, post-operative recovery ward or ICU, where medical imaging is required. Under these circumstances you may not be aware medical imaging has been performed. All medical imaging examinations are specifically requested by your doctor as a necessary part of your care.

Is medical imaging covered in my hospital bills?

NO. Medical imaging is a specialist medical service and is billed separately from your hospital accounts.

What does medical imaging cost?

St Vincent's Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine fees are set at an amount that ensures the highest standard of care is provided to you during your hospital stay.

Fees associated with inpatient medical imaging & nuclear medicine are payable by patients with a portion of the fees being rebated by Medicare and private health funds. Unfortunately, for most items the full cost of providing imaging services are not covered by the rebates as Medicare, and most of the private health funds, have not increased their rebates for Radiology since 1998. This freeze on rebates has occurred over a period when technology, staff and compliance costs have increased significantly. As a result there are increased out-of-pocket expenses (gap payments) for patients. This amount will vary between health funds and individual cover. Please contact your health fund if you require further information.

For additional information regarding the payment of your account please see Understanding Your Account or contact our accounts department on 8382 6265 or email:

Further to this please contact St Vincent's Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine on (02) 8382 7530 for information on any aspect of your medical imaging.

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