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MRI FerriScan® Measurement of Liver Iron Concentration

St Vincent’s Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine is now offering FerriScan, an MRI-based solution for measuring Liver Iron Concentration(LIC) in patients with iron overload.

FerriScan is non-invasive, requires no contrast agents and has an MRI scan time of approximately 10 minutes (please allow more time for the entire appointment).

If FerriScan is performed in addition to a full/routine liver MRI scan, contrast may be required for the liver examination and the time for imaging will be longer.

FerriScan has high sensitivity and specificity for measuring LIC and results are clinically validated to be unaffected by inflammation, fibrosis or cirrhosis.

For more information, please read the FerriScan FAQ’s or call us at St Vincent’s Clinic Medical Imaging on 02 8382 7530.

FerriScan FAQs-Patient Information

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