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CT Scans (Computerised Tomography)

What you need to do and how to prepare for the test

  • You will need a referral from your doctor
  • CT scans may require an appointment
  • At the time of booking your appointment you will be advised of any necessary test preparation
  • Advise booking staff of any medical conditions that may contraindicate preparations or the test itself. Please state if you are, or think you could be, pregnant or are breastfeeding
  • You will be required to stay in the department for a period of between 30 minutes for some examinations to 1.5 hours for a pelvic and/or abdominal CT
  • Advise staff of any medication you are taking, in particular oral medication for diabetes
  • If you have a recent eGFR blood test result, please bring the result to your appointment
  • Bring any previous relevant X-rays or scans to your appointment
  • You will be advised if you need to stay in department for a period of time following your CT
  • In some instances following your test, you may not drive or take public transport and will need to be accompanied home

The majority of CT examinations do not require test preparation, however, you will be advised if we require you to fast and when necessary a test preparation sheet will be given or sent to you at the time of booking.

What will happen when you have your CT done

  • You will be asked to fill out an information/consent form
  • You may need to drink some oral contrast for abdominal and pelvic scans prior to the test
  • You may require an intravenous contrast injection
  • You may be asked to change into a gown
  • You will lie on the CT table which will move through an opening in the scanner when the scans are being taken
  • You may be given breathing instructions during the scan

Your report and images

  • A report will either be sent back to your referring doctor or you may be asked to return to collect them once they have been reported by one of our radiologists.

Digital copies of all studies are stored on our image archiving system (PACS) for comparison with any future examinations.

Small Bowel Series, Abdomen & Pelvis

  • You will be asked to arrive 1 hour prior to your examination.  An oral contrast drink will be administered

Cardiac CT (also known as Coronary CT or Coronary Artery Scan)

  • You will need to attend your appointment 1 hour & 15 minutes prior to your examination

CT Cholangiogram

Fasting is required from midnight to your appointment time. A contrast injection is given 45 minutes prior to your scan whilst you are in the department.

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